Incorporating in June of 2006, Delta Paintball, Inc. was founded with the goal of expanding professionalism to the scenario aspect of the paintball industry. Utilizing the Delta Paintball Team in this manner, has allowed Delta Paintball, Inc. to establish marketing programs with industry leaders such as Smart Parts, Draxxus, JT USA, NXe Paintball, GOG Paintball, Valken Paintball and various other entities within the paintball industry. Our proven grass roots based marketing has had a noticeable impact on raising the visibility and market presence in both small and large paintball related companies alike.

In 2007, Delta Paintball, Inc. established Delta Paintball Productions in response to National Paintball Fields of the United Kingdom’s request to develop an ongoing scenario series for their operation in Birmingham, England. This scenario series has been a resounding success, growing over 4 years of continuous operation. More recently, Delta Paintball Productions has begun to offer stand alone scenario productions for field operations in the United States. The Gangland series of events has been well received and was listed as one of the best “new” games in 2010.

In 2010, Delta Paintball, Inc. established The Scenario Superstore as a retail platform for Delta Paintball, Inc.’s marketing partners. This venture allows our partners a vehicle to present their products to potential customers from demonstration and representation to point of sale through The Scenario Superstore and the Delta Paintball Team. This represents the culmination of our marketing vision and allows our marketing partners to utilize the professional brand image and stature of the Delta Paintball Team. Its use of their products and hands on demonstration of their products to players throughout the country as well as an outlet to generate sales from that product endorsement.

In 2011, Delta Paintball, Inc. established Wiki Paintball as a resource for the paintball community at large. The goal of Wiki Paintball is to serve as an unbiased repository for information about the paintball industry, the history of the sport of paintball, and the people and teams who helped shape it. This open source is dedicated to preserving the largest action sport in the world for future generations of paintball enthusiasts.

In 2011, Delta Paintball, Inc. established NJPB.net as a home page for paintball players, stores and fields alike in the Garden State. As one of the most density populated states in the union, New Jersey plays home to one of the largest population of paintball players in the United States. NJPB.net is a resource for those players, stores and fields to interact and help grow the sport of paintball in New Jersey.

In 2011, Delta Paintball, Inc. established the G-1 Owners Group in partnership with GOG Paintball. The G-1 Owners Group, or G1OG, serves as the hub for all GOG G-1 users who may have questions, be looking for advise or want to meet up with other players who share their passion for the GOG G-1 marker.

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